The Mobility project originated from a need to sell unique and innovative insurance products, online, to South Africans.

What started as a sales web frontend quickly evolved into a sophisticated life insurance policy administration system.

Mobilife Financial Services

Industry:  Life Insurance

Location:  Fourways, South Africa



Company bio
MobiLife is an authorised financial services provider based in Johannesburg. The company was founded in 2015 by four insurance industry professionals with over 75 years of industry experience between them, both in South Africa and also in a number of other African countries.

MobiLife is Africa’s first 100% mobile life insurance.
Our products and processes have been built to be accessed completely via your smartphone.

In 2017 MobiLife was awarded a grant by the Catalyst Fund.

Overview of the project
A fully capable online life insurance policy administration system with integrations to financial institutions, various communication platforms, and other third-party services.

The problem

In an industry where most systems are old and feature development takes months or years, instead of weeks, it was paramount for Mobilife that their innovative new products and features be rolled out quickly and consistently.

To achieve this, while keeping development costs to a minimum, we employed a combination of the agile development methodology and cutting-edge rapid application software development tools.

The agile process

How we use agile:
We plan development sprints in advance and estimate work on a weekly basis. This allows us to track planned sprints against what time was actually used. Sprints are planned and broken up into smaller tickets for development. This means that if the client requires something urgently we are able to adjust and move forward.

Regular deployments:
This process allows us to deploy new features to production environments more often and at least once a month. This has proven to really help Mobilife in their quest to re imagine the insurance industry as it is notoriously slow at rolling out new features and products.

Continuous testing:
Dedicated user testing as well as scripted automated tests form part of each and every delivery cycle, ensuring that the quality of features remain consistent with every iteration.

The technology


The sDev framework (the original core backend of the Divblox framework) is used to consistently deliver on the software requirements for this back-end focussed, data-driven policy administration system.

Using sDev we’re able to deliver this type of functionality multiple times faster than traditional methods.

Development team



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Looking forward





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