As a proof of Divblox’s ability to deliver we’ve built, in less than 2 days, an easy to use app that allows you to capture the details of employees and visitors accessing your premises. 

Concept to App Store in 6 Days

Here at Divblox, we are goal-oriented and we never shy away from a challenge. As an example, we decided to put our technology to the test by creating a fully-functioning application, complete from front-end to back-end, and have it published in the app stores in less than a week.

The solution

As a result of COVID-19, businesses wanting to operate in South Africa are required to screen visitors and employees arriving at their premises. 

Most businesses currently use pen and paper to record this information. Access, by Dx aims to remove the paperwork from the equation to further reduce the potential spread of the virus.

Development Hours





UX Design

*Team: 1 Developer & 1 UX Designer





Web  |  iOS  |  Android

*App store approval on day 6




User management, Organization management, Employee management, Store visitor information, Access logging employees, Access logging visitors, Detailed history, Export to excel/csv, Email invite functionally, Password reset. Dx standard functionality: Role-based user access, Application security, Audit trail, Database & ORM, Front- and back-end integration, Account registration, User profile management, UI responsiveness.

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