Build modern, full stack, cross-device apps using web technologies.

divblox is an application development platform that enables you to create sophisticated software, from prototype to production, in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

By combining the various talents within your organisation, from business analysts and solution designers, all the way to the hardcore coders, divblox creates an environment for continuous development and collaboration.

Manage Environments & Modules

Configure multiple modules for your solution to ensure sound design. Then deploy to multiple environments.

Model your data using UML

Create your data structure in a visual environment. The divblox data modeller will manage your database and object model from there.

Create Reusable Components

Let divblox generate components for every requirement, from basic on-screen elements to fully functional pages. The divblox component builder provides a visual interface to manage components.

Leverage Native device functions

The divblox service worker turns your app into a progressive web app. Additionally, export your divblox application to Android & iOS.

Why choose divblox 


  • Creates and manages the database connections and complex queries for each building block
  • Manages security for each building block with user role-based access control from the back-end to the front-end
  • Automatically audits your entire solution
  • Leverages the power of reusable components


divblox leverages the following web technologies to create your solution:

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap & jQuery front-end frameworks


Develop your solution once and have it accessible on the following platforms:

  • Web (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Native (Android & iOS)


No need to create separate solutions for your front-end and back-end. divblox creates a full stack application that already implements secure communication between the different layers of your app.

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