The Hollard Film Guarantors project is a complete rebuild of an existing older project, using the divblox framework.

In this case study we examine how the customer benefitted from the divblox offering. 

Hollard Film Guarantors

Industry:  Film Finance & Insurance

Location:  Johannesburg, South Africa



Company bio

Hollard Film Guarantors are completion guarantors and a division of Hollard Insurance Company LTD. They have been operating since June 2011.

Since inception, they have helped to grow the South African film industry by bonding over 120 films to a value in excess of a billion Rand.

Overview of the project

The Hollard Film Guarantors web app enables the company to operate in a near paperless manner.  

The app facilitates the process by which film producers acquire guarantees for their project funding from the company. This process used to be heavily paper-based because of the large requirement for various types of documentation.

The app provides all the document and workflow management functionality for a project, from start to finish.

Old vs New

The old web app was built using php, employing a traditional server-heavy approach. Everything from the UI to the logic was performed on the server with php.

The new divblox app is a full-stack solution where interaction with the app is driven from the front-end using the divblox javascript engine. This allows for a much lighter server-side requirement.

Projects overview page

Project detail page

The process

Because every divblox app is developed in a web-first approach, the customer was able to see results, within days of the start of the project.

This allowed the customer to provide feedback via the built-in divblox feedback functionality before any production deployment was required. 

Additionally, the divblox sandbox allowed various supporting roles, from user experience and solution design to internal testing, to contribute to the project development in a safe environment, without affecting the main development. 

The dx


Using divblox, our team* was able to deliver the complete rebuild of the app in record time, even adding additional divblox-enabled functionality along the way.

The final product is a modern progressive web app, accessible on any device.

Because of divblox, the customer now also has the option to go fully native (iOS & Android) if they choose.

* 1 Full-time developer, with UX and Project Administration support functions

Development hours


using divblox



building the original app




using divblox




on the original app

Looking forward





development pace


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